Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Oompa-Loompa and the Presidential Office

It's been a REALLY long time since I sat down and wrote anything. 

I'm totally not saying that I haven't had note-worthy events in the last lots-and-lots-of-days, I'm just saying that I haven't taken the time to put it all down.

So after lots-and-lots-of-days, I've found something that I want to say, and I seriously can't believe that the content will be what it is.

Let me start off by saying I am not a political person. 

In fact, I've never cared about politics.  I've never kept up with politics.  Politics bore me, and politics make me lose my mind.  I don't even know what 75% of the positions I vote for even mean or accomplish. 

But this presidential election has gripped me. 

I watch Fox News constantly.  Why? Because I'm a conservative Christian, and that's what we're supposed to watch.  Maybe you agree with that, or maybe you don't, but as a newbie in political talk, that's where I started.  I've watched CNN a time or two,  I'm also a very dramatic person (I like other people's drama, not my own) and sometimes they flail their arms and I like it when Tucker gets all worked up over stuff I might could get worked up over.  But...that's what I watch because me and the Fox people are friends now.

And for real, I was watching Fox News before Donald Trump ever made his official announcement that he was running for President.  I listened in on the Monday morning phone calls he would make to the studio, and quite frankly, I loved hearing him talk.  And for real, I was like, "he should seriously run for President".  I didn't know much about the Trumpster.  I just knew that he seemed like a man who could make things happen, and maybe he was just a big-talker, but still. 

Then came the for real announcement.  Donald Trump is running for President.  Gulp.  I mean, BIG gulp.  Oooooh boy.  Then came the facts.  He's an adulterer.  He's a scammer.  He only cares about money.  He's a hater.  He owns strip clubs.  And not only that...he's running for the POTUS.  And I said once that I wished he'd run for President.  So now I've gotta vote for this crazy idiot with REALLY bad hair that's about the most immoral person I've ever heard of. 

But by golly, he's gonna build a wall, y'all!

SCREEEEEEEEEECH....(hear it with me)

I watched a lot of the debates.  I heard a lot of the jibber jabber from all of the republican candidates.  I liked Ben Carson...a lot.  But I kinda started losing it for him.  He just didn't quite seem to have it all together.  Then I sorta got on the Rubio train, then the Christie bus, and John Kasich wasn't all that bad.  I was obviously all over the place.  But keep in mind, I'm a tiny tot in politics.  Don't forget that.  There's lots of ignorance involved here, so stay with me before you silently yell at me. 

Then come the interest in the Democrats.  People, you've got two.  Even now. That's it.  Hillary. Bernie.  Both of them have always seemed like two different bad dreams in politics.  They both have their "I can't even..." aspects to them.  And still...I just can't even.

But we're just down to one of those, and its Hillary Clinton.  HILLARY CLINTON. 


(Stay with me.  Even if you're mad at me.  Stay with me.)

So fast forward lots of days.  Again.  Last week, James Dobson makes a big announcement.  DONALD TRUMP HAS ACCEPTED CHRIST.  Hallelujah. Praise the Lord.  Its a miracle.  We may have a Christian President after all. 

SCREEEEEECH...hear it again?)

I like James Dobson.  He has always seemed like a smart, dependable, Godly man.  I've read Bringing Up Boys, and trust what that man says.  All of us conservative Christian people love James Dobson.  Did you know that he's gonna be serving in some capacity on Trump's faith advisory council?  He,  along with Ben Carson, Jack Graham, and some other people that we've all heard of are on this council and they're gonna be having some Christian talks with him.  I don't know what else they're gonna be doing, because I'm still a baby in politics and I'm not sure what all goes on here, remember?  But anyway, that sounds good to me. 

But James Dobson says that Trump was led to Christ, and he accepted Jesus as his savior. 

I hope he did.  I really and truly hope he did.  And I hope it wasn't for the popular Christian vote.  I hope that he truly recognized his sin, repented of his ways, and now longs to have a relationship with the same Jesus I have a relationship with.  Know why?  Because I can't vote for Hillary.  I've seen and read enough of her to know that she's just not where its at (that sounded very political, didn't it?).  I just don't believe she can be the President.  And there's a whole big list of reasons for that, too, but its for another post four years down the road. 

I think I've gotta vote for Mr. Trump. 

Not because maybe he's become a Christian, but because we're supposed to vote for the President, and we've got two choices.  In an election like this, we're not voting for the best Christian leader for the next four years, because we're not guaranteed a Christian candidate.  We've gotta vote for who we believe will lead our country in the right direction.  Do I believe its Trump that can do it?  Uuuuuhh...maybe?  I think so?  But I'm really not sure, because again, I'm new to political stuff.  And what's really on my mind right now is trying to figure out who is really gonna stop these evil, demon-spirited terrorists from blowing people up all over the world.  Who's gonna do that?  Trump says he will, and I think I'm gonna go with that for now. 

The truth is, I don't know.  I really don't. 

Just like I don't know for sure if Trump has become a child of God.  Only God knows his heart, just like only God knows mine.  Trump is no better, and in God's eyes, no worse than the rest of us.  I get that we "grade" sin.  We do...I do.  But God doesn't.  I do know that he can forgive, though, and if Donald Trump has asked for forgiveness recently, then God gave him grace that covers it all.  I just hope that the oompa-loompa-look-alike doesn't let me down if that's where I cast my vote.

So.  We've got an election coming up, and there's a couple of people on the ballot. 

What are we gonna do?